Construction of swimming pool with bricks

Construction of swimming pool with bricks: Do you want to build a swimming pool with brick masonry, if yes, then it is possible. You must follow all the steps to make a swimming pool and make it durable forever. The biggest challenge in building a swimming pool is to ensure that it does not leak water. So we will also know the method of waterproofing the swimming pool along with its construction.

After building a swimming pool with brick masonry, the most important thing is that the wall can bear the pressure of water. For this, you should make masonry of at least 18 inches to 13 inches and digging should be done vertically (at 90 degrees). so that the pressure of the soil does not fall on the wall.

Procedure Construction of swimming pool with bricks

Before starting the construction of the swimming pool make a plan and how will be the design and structure. Always take advice from an engineer or architect if you are trying to construct in your supervision.

Select the location & Design

Designing of swimming pool is a priority and the first step while thinking about the construction of a swimming pool. The design of the swimming pool always kept rectangular and flat terrain, which reduced the cost of excavation. After that decide the location where the swimming pool will be best.

While designing your swimming pool, keep in mind that there should not be any trees around the swimming pool, due to this, leaves can fall into the water which will make the pool dirty and time will also be wasted in cleaning.

Marking and Excavation of the Swimming pool

After designing and deciding on the location, now you have a layout plan. Start the Marking where you want to construct the swimming pool.

  1. Start excavation according to the marking, marking facilitates the right excavation direction and neglect the mistake.
  2. Use the excavation equipment or machinery for fast excavation.
  3. Excavation should be in vertical direction (90 degrees) which makes masonry easier. And the risk of soil blooming is also reduced.
  4. After digging, clean the entire area thoroughly and compact the flat area.
  5. After digging with the machine, get the vertical wall trimmed and cleaned by labor.

Constructed the base of the swimming pool

Because we are making a swimming pool using masonry, first pour concrete on the flat ground of the swimming pool and provide it with a strong platform.

First, put PCC and then put RCC, this will make the base strong as well as watertight.

Start brick masonry work

After preparing the base of the swimming pool, now start the brick masonry work. Always use cinder brick or concrete brick. These bricks are strong and have low water-absorbing properties. Use masonry glue or add any adhesive chemical to the mortar which makes the bond powerful and durable and prevents water leakage.

Waterproofing the brick wall and base

After finishing the brick masonry work, the most important part is waterproofing. Clean the whole area of the swimming pool’s inner and outer sides.

First start the waterproofing inner side, use any waterproofing solution that works best for you. Mix the waterproofing chemical with cement as advised by the company. Apply the first coat of solution whole area of the swimming pool. In the next coat apply the fiber mesh and apply the second cost of waterproofing solution.

After the second coat dries, apply a third coat of solution and leave to dry, thereby starting the plaster. After plastering you can do tiling work.

After inner waterproofing, apply the waterproofing solution to the external wall. The best method of waterproofing is to use bitumen for the outer surface of the wall. Bitumen forms a thick film that prevents water or moisture from penetrating the wall.

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